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How to Remove Formatting in Word Like a Boss

How to Remove Formatting in Word Like a Boss

Have you ever tried to remove formatting in Word, only to find that it's more complex than it seems? Well, never fear! With this handy guide, you can remove formatting like a pro.

Did you know that you can remove formatting from text in Word? It’s true! But just like anything else, the word processing program provides numerous ways to do this action, and which method you choose depends on how quickly and easily you want to complete the task. Let me show you three different ways to remove formatting from text in Word, along with an example of each user so you can decide which fits your needs best. I’ll look at other options, too, so by the end of this article; you’ll know all about removing formatting from text in Word!




There are some methods you can use if you have a document that has been prepared in a particular way and want to remove all of the formatting from the record. One method is to click the "Clear All Formatting" button after selecting all of the text in the document. The chosen text will have all of its formatting removed as a result.

Another way to remove formatting from a document is to select all of the paper's text, click on the "Format" menu, and choose "Clear All Formatting." This will also remove all of the formattings from the selected text.

If you only desire to remove certain types of formatting from a document, you can use the "Clear Formatting" options on the "Format" menu. For example, if you want to remove only bold or italic formatting, you can use the "Clear Bold" or "Clear Italic" options.


The Problem

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Most of us have experienced the frustration of removing formatting from text in Microsoft Word, only to find that the "Clear Formatting" button does nothing or pulls all the reader! Here are some tips on eliminating formatting from your text so you can start over with a clean slate.

To start, highlight the text that needs its formatting removed. Click CTRL+A to select all the text and erase all design from the document. Next, select the "Clear Formatting" toolbar button (it looks like an eraser). If this doesn't work, try pressing CTRL+SPACEBAR. This shortcut will reset the character formatting for the selected text (font size, color, etc.) to the default settings.

If you desire to get fancy, you can use Word's built-in Regular Expression feature to remove all formatting from your selected text. To do this, go to the " Replace " dialog box (press CTRL+H) and enter "\<[^>"]+\>" (without quotes) in the " Find what " field. Leave the " Replace with " field blank, and make sure that the " Use wildcards " option is selected. Then click " Replace All ." This should remove all formatting tags from your selected text.


The Solution

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If you desire to remove all formatting from your document, hit CTRL+A to select the entire record, then click the Clear All Formatting button on the Home tab (it looks like an eraser). Select the text you want to exchange to remove just some of the formatting, then click the Clear Formatting button.


How to Remove Formatting in Word

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There are a few ways to remove formatting in Word, depending on how much design you want to remove and what you want to keep.

To remove all formatting from choose text, click Ctrl+Spacebar. This removes character formatting, such as font style and size, but it leaves paragraph formatting, such as indents and line spacing, intact.

To remove just the underlining from the selected text, press Ctrl+U. This eliminates the underlining but leaves another character formatting intact, such as font style and size.

To remove all character's formatting—underlining, bolding, italics, etc.—from selected text and return it to the default settings for the document theme, press Ctrl+Shift+N. This shortcut also works on the paragraph or heading text if you first select the sections or run with the Selection Pane (on the Home tab, in the Editing group).


Tips and Tricks

5 tips-and-tricks

If you have a document that is formatted in a certain way and wants to remove that formatting so that you can start from scratch with your design, there are some different ways you can do this.

One way is to choose all of the text in the document by clicking Ctrl+A on your keyboard. Once all of the text is selected, press Ctrl+Shift+N to remove any existing formatting. This will give you a blank slate to work with.

Another way to remove formatting is to use the Clear Formatting option under the Home tab on the ribbon. To use this option, select the text from which you desire to remove formatting and click the Clear Formatting button.


nd finally, if you want to get rid of a particular area of formatting, such as bold or underlined text, you can make use of the Font dialog box to remove those formats. To open the Font dialog box, go to the Home tab and press on the small arrow next to the Font group. In the dialog box that opens, deselect any options that are currently selected (such as Bold or Underline) and then click OK.


Further Reading

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If you want to remove the formatting from your document, there are some ways to do it. You can use the "Clear Formatting" tool, you can select the text, and then press the "Clear Formatting" button, or you can make use of the keyboard shortcut "Ctrl+Shift+N."



Finally, we come to the end of our guide on how to remove formatting in Word. We sincerely hope that this was useful to you and that you are now comfortable taking on this duty. In the event that you have any additional questions, kindly contact us.

How to Remove Formatting in Word




Remove formatting in Word Mac.

Select the textual content you need to return to its default formatting. In Word: Select Clear from the Edit menu, then select Clear Formatting.


How to remove formatting in Word 2010

  • Select the textual content you need to return to its default formatting.
  • In Word: On the Edit menu, click on Clear, after which choose Clear Formatting. In PowerPoint: Click on Clear All Formatting under the Font category on the Home tab.


How to remove formatted Comments in Word

There are approaches you could use to delete or cast off remarks from a Word document: To delete an unmarried statement withinside the document, right-click on the observation, and select Delete Comment. Visit the Review tab, click the down arrow next to Delete, and then select Delete All Comments in Document to remove every comment from the document.


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